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I've been watching
Earth fall apart
From the acid
Or is it just the life

Booze is worn off
Never enough
It'll be tough
But there's another day

Trying to hard
To prove I'm not a
Sycophantic, apathetic, pacifistic, hypocritic fuck

Who is to blame
For the acid rain
Planets done for
It's passed out on the floor

Give it a chance
It'll get back
The things it lacked
And kill us off for soil

More sleepless nights
Moon fight my eyes
So keep drinking
While the world sinks

Pay the man to cross the bridge
Say nothing to anyone
Lay down take your last breath
It's all over

I've been seeing
Mind is fleeting
Finally solve
Nothing more nothing

Will I die soon
I would assume
It will all end
And I will be alone

Give me a chance
Get up and dance
The acid rain
Will sizzle away your pain


from Come on in. You can't get out! (Demo), released February 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Smashing Crow Wapakoneta, Ohio

Trying to get things started. I'm the only band member and I play all the instruments, sing, and write. Just looking for support and local musicians that want to join.

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